Ice Machine Usage



Ice is handled in a manner to ensure safety.


Employees involved in production or service must observe the following procedures to ensure the safety of ice used in the restaurant

  1. Wash hands before handling scoop or portioning ice.
  2. Use a scoop to transfer ice to a clean and sanitized container. The scoop should be stored in a sanitary manner adjacent to the ice machine. It should never be stored in the ice storage bin.Scoop should be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  3. Keep the ice machine lid closed when not in use.
  4. Avoid using bare hands or inserting a glass directly into the ice storage bin. Cross contamination or introduction of a physical hazard (glass) could occur.
  5. Store and transport ice in designated containers only. Do not use containers that formerly held chemicals or time/temperature controlled foods.
  6. Discard ice used for display (salad bars) or ice baths. Do not use for consumption.
  7. Clean and sanitize parts of ice machine considered “food contact surfaces” according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Record date of cleaning and employee’s initials on Cleaning Log.

The restaurant manager will:

  1. Monitor employees to ensure that proper ice handling techniques are being followed.
  2. Develop an ice machine cleaning schedule, following manufacturer’s guidelines.
  3. Provide training and tools for employees to properly clean and sanitize.
  4. Follow up as necessary.
  5. File logs with HACCP records.