Manual Warewashing



All equipment items are washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use. Procedures ensure proper water temperatures and chemical concentrations are used and there is no re-contamination of clean and sanitized ware. The ware washing sinks will be checked prior to use to ensure chemical concentrations or sanitizing temperatures are adequate.


Employees who use the warewashing sinks will be responsible for knowing how to use them properly, and document concentrations and/or temperatures. Steps include:

110°F110°F180°F or
Soapy WaterClear WaterChemical Sanitizer
  1. Rinse, scrape, or soak all items before washing.Organic materials break down effectiveness of detergent and sanitizer solution.
  2. Record the date, meal, sanitizer water temperature and test strip results, and initial record on Manual Warewashing Monitoring Form.
  3. Wash items in the first sink in a detergent solution. Water temperature should be at least 110°F. Use a brush, cloth, or scrubber to loosen remaining soil. Replace detergent solution when suds are gone, or water is dirty.
  4. Immerse or spray-rinse items in second sink. Water temperature should be at least 110°F. Remove all traces of food and detergent. If using immersion method, replace water when it becomes cloudy, dirty, or sudsy.
  5. Immerse items in third sink filled with hot water or a chemical-sanitizing solution.
    • If hot water immersion is used, the water temperature must be at least 180°F. Items must be immersed for 30seconds. Proper personal protective equipment should be worn and temperatures taken to ensure sanitizing occurs.
    • If chemical sanitizing is used, the sanitizer must be mixed at the proper concentration. (Check at regular intervals with a test kit and record on log.) Concentration levels will vary depending on type of chemical sanitizing agent used, water temperature and water hardness. Water must be correct temperature for the sanitizer used.
  6. To avoid recontamination of clean and sanitary items:
    • Air dry all items on a drainboard.
    • Wash hands prior to returning to storage.

Proper Warewashing Sink Setup

Chlorine Solution50–99 ppm100°F7 Seconds
Iodine Solution2.5-25.0ppm68°F30 seconds
Quaternary Ammonium SolutionManufacturer’s Recommendation75°F30 seconds

The restaurant manager will:

  1. Select the sanitizing agent most appropriate for potable water supply considering water hardness and pH, as well as other uses in the facility.
  2. Verify proper use of the warewashing sinks.
  3. Ensure that a temperature measuring device and test strips for the selected sanitizing agent are provided, easy to access, and used frequently.
  4. Provide Personal Protective Equipment as needed.
  5. Make Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to staff.
  6. Check Manual Warewashing Monitoring Form to ensure that temperatures or chemical concentrations meet standards and are recorded daily.
  7. Follow-upand train as necessary.